Arnés Apareamiento

219 710
$4.495,00 ex. IVA
219 712
$4.495,00 ex. IVA
219 715
$4.495,00 ex. IVA
Rurtec Mating-Mark crayons are available in three �temperate zone� types - cold, mild, hot. These are provided to ensure that crayons ablate on the wool of the marked animal at an ideal rate. These crayons can be fitted in the bull or ram harness without removing it, as long as the animal�s head is restrained. Supplied as �each�.
219 708
$49.995,00 ex. IVA
The No-Mate �Teaser� harness is to allow males and females to be run together to identify oestrus, but not allowing mating to take place. The harness simply prevents penetration by the male. Crayons are attached as for regular Mating-Mark harness. Replacement buckles kit available.